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Nonprofit Finance Fund® (NFF®) unlocks the potential of mission-driven organizations through  tailored investments, strategic advice, and accessible insights. Founded in 1980, NFF helps organizations connect money to mission effectively, and supports innovations such as growth capital campaigns, cross-sector economic recovery initiatives and impact investing.

 A leading community development financial institution (CDFI) with over $80 million in assets, NFF has provided over $287 million in loans and access to additional financing via grants, tax credits and capital in support of over $1.4 billion in projects for thousands of organizations nationwide. In partnership with others, we've generated $16 million for nonprofits for building reserves, cash reserves and endowments through our multi-year asset-building service, BFF. We've also provided $1.2 million in loan guarantees, $10.3 million in 9/11 recovery grants, about $13 million in capital grants, and $2 million in planning grants.

NFF is headquartered in New York City and serves clients from offices across the country.



NFF is on an exciting growth trajectory to fulfill our mission to bring tailored investments, strategic advice and accessible insight to create a more just and vibrant society.  NFF works nationally and our staff is located in five offices in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

A core component of this growth plan is the expansion of our financing business including the continuing provision of existing products (namely on-balance sheet lending and New Markets Tax Credits) and the build out of a diverse set of new products aimed at increasing and facilitating the flow of investment capital to the social sector.    We are building a versatile team that will be critical to accomplishing this goal.  Building on our 30-year track record developing and bringing to market new products and services our growth will expand the universe of clients and will entail interfacing with the market in new and creative ways cultivating relationships and developing and pursuing new opportunities.  As such we are building a team of individuals who have the diverse skills to deliver our products and have an entrepreneurial approach and flexibility to support and drive NFF’s growth and innovation in the near and medium term.

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